As an enzymatic biosurfactant for the objective of enhanced oil recovery, BERO™ is a globally recognized product. It exerts a multiplex mode of functions, 1) physically, by effectively reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water phases, by altering the wettability between oil and rock surface, hence make the crude oil more mobile; 2) chemically, by actively cleave the c-c bonds in the crude oil backbone, deem them less viscous.


It deploys modern bio-technologies such as cell and enzyme engineering, exhibiting strong ability to release hydrocarbon from the surface of reservoir rock. It also rapidly removes paraffin and asphaltenes deposits from the reservoir rock after it is introduced into the reservoir.


The reaction of BEROTM toward crude oil is biological, directly affecting the plugging agents, but without generating any diverse side products. BERO™ will absorb into the surface of the rock, dislodge the crude oil and make them mobile in the production process.


Because it absorbs onto the reservoir rock surface, the BERO™ Enzyme has high stability, naturally adapting to living in the formation for a long time. In reality, it will never be depleted in the well lifespan.


"Crude oil is trapped

in micro-/nano-porous source rock, inaccessible by water-flooding

BERO ™ is capable of entering those tiny spaces in a form of micro-/nano- cells, encapsulating the outer membrane of oil droplets and forcing them to deform, split and eventually be released from the tight pores


  • Increase oil mobility

  • Oil well tubular column cleaning (during work over job)

  • Improve oil displacemnet

  • Improving pore scale

  • Create biofilm on the rock surface

  • The stimulation process with BERO technology is very simple

  • Interfacial Tension reduction at 10^-1mN/m

  • BERO will not consumed in the oil releasing process, they continue to act in low concentrations and as long hydrocarbons are present

  • Remove plugged reservoir result from paraffinic wax and asphaltene precipitation

  • and as long hydrocarbons are present


How BERO™ produces

BERO™: Unique microbial enzyme complex and advanced fermentation process to produce.After fifteen years of research and development of continuous improvement, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the development and production and we have the ability to replicate the scale.Used raw materials sourced from the Nature Earth with high-quality microbial-based production and the process does not produce polluting emissions.Currently we have a lab in Suzhou, China, with a 200 tons per month product line.