Revolutionary Technology

One of the best performance Stimulation Technology in the market


Return on Investment

< 2-3

Month Treatment Payback

  • Robust Performance

    Long Effect Duration

    Low Application Requirements

  • Superb track record

    Applied on 10 countries, over 300 wells

    Avg daily oil production increases 40%

  • Excellent ESG profile

    100% biodegradable



    Lower carbon footprint

  • Rapid delivery

    Based in Houston, Texas

    Available to delivery in 30 days

  • Cost effective

    ROI be 4-8 times the original capex

    Payback in 2 months

  • Dependable service support

    In-house biotech engineer, reservoir engineer, chemical engineer, production engineer

ESG Complied Fluids for Enhanced Oil Production

Based in Houston, ZFA Technologies Inc. develops novel, highly-potent, and green biosurfactants for upstream oil applications. Its BERO™ (Biosurfactant Enzyme for Recovery of Oil) product has a stellar track record with over 15 years successful deployments to many of the largest oil fields in the United States, Middle East, Northern Africa, Latin America, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. BERO™ is the world’s leading MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) product, which utilizes advanced bio-engineering techniques to optimize performance and efficiently release hydrocarbons (oil and associated gas) from the surface of microporous source rocks. The genuinely sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable fluids are safe for handling, and comply with all corporate ESG requirements. While primarily applied to legacy oil wells as a part of the EOR program, BERO™ has superior credential as additives in hydraulic fracturing (as well as re-frac operations). These discrete biosurfactants outperform traditional analogues in enhancing production in existing assets and in new completions, at lower dosage rates and costs.

More than <300 wells application

Maximum production increase 1700%

A stripper production well with 10 bopd, can minimum

increase the oil production by 50%