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Single Well
Cause of formation plugging from the following aspects:

  • Waxy, asphalt material with the oil flow, pressure and temperature, crystallization, deposition in the wall rock oil channel, in the near wellbore are formed by oil passage.
  • After a mass production, the solid particle volume increases in crude oil, resulting in formation plugging oil holes.
  • High shale content in formation due to hydration expansion, reduces the formation permeability.
  • In view of the above reasons for the formation plugging, BERO™ enzymes can be made extremely remarkable effect.

BERO™ Enzyme has the same density with water, totally soluble in water. It will rapidly displace the crude oil that is attached to the rocks in the section where it passes through when the injected water carries it for movement. Meanwhile, part of BERO™ Enzyme will attach to the rock surface and form a new oil flow channel in the formation. There will be no cause Pore plugging problem as it will not produce any derivatives.

Horizontal Well
BERO™ biosurfactant allows clean treatment harmless to oil reservoir; it is a safe, nontoxic, pollution-free, inflammable, non-explosive and environmentally friendly high-tech product since it directly acts on pollutants of oil reservoir and will not change the properties of crude oil and can clean oil reservoir and allow plugging removal and rejection reduction of water injection wells, oil displacement of the block and stimulation of production wells; in addition, it will not be affected by shear degradation, temperature, pressure, acid, alkali and water salinity or bring secondary pollution and new plugging to oil reservoir, can effectively prolong the development life of oilfields and has great adaptability and vast application prospect.

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