Arrived in the Destination Smoothly

Discovered in 1983, HT Field is located in the southern area of Abilence, Taylor County, Texas, where is in the eastern part of The Ninth Largest Oil Basin-Permian Basin.

On Nov.27, 2015, BERO™ biosurfactant of 9 drums, which is used for the stimulation of #5EF Well in HT Field, is arrived in the destination smoothly. And everything goes quite well.

Meanwhile, we are expecting the BERO™ could bring the significant effect on enhancing the oil recovery, also looking forward to our further cooperation.

Previous Technical Discussion: Heated-long-tough-successful

On Nov.19, 2015, the responsible team in SPINDLETOP and our CEO Duan has conducted a hot discussion on technical issues, which lasts for 2 days. Final decision has been made to sign the contract on the stimulation measure of horizontal wells in Dallas Field. And production of each well is expected to increase more than 50 barrels.

Although the process is long and difficult, the result turns out to be successful. Thanks for trusting us, thanks for believing in ZFA Technologies, and we use biotechnology to sustainably and efficiently recover billions of barrels of oil unrecoverable by traditional methods.

Visit Denbury

Our CEO Duan has visited Denbury Resources Inc. on Nov.14, 2015. Being an independent oil and natural gas company, Denbury focuses its operations in two key operating areas: the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions.

With the most significant emphasis relating to CO2 enhanced oil recovery operations, we benefit a lot from this visit and look forward to

further cooperation.

Jilin Tour-Technological Exchanges & Initial Intention of Cooperation

Focusing on the oil and gas exploration and development, MI Energy Corporation (MIE) has conducted a cooperative development with CNPC of three oilfields in Jilin Province in China, which are Da’an Oilfield, Moliqing Oilfield and Miaosan Oilfield.

On Nov. 9, 2015, our General Director of Marketing (Mr. Wu) and Geological Engineer (Mr. Wang) went to Songyuan, one of the “Four Tigers of Economic Growth in Northern China” in Jilin Province to communicate with MIE on technological exchanges and initial cooperation. Look forward to cooperating with MIE on the rich natural resources.

Resuming Production

On Oct. 28, 2015, after shut-in for 5 days, Some Well of Songyuan Oilfield in Jilin resumes production and then its production is greatly increasing.

Compared with other oil extraction methods, MEOR (microbial enhanced oil recovery) has its incomparable advantage, which is environmental friendly. Polymer flooding technology, in the chemical flooding area, has higher performance price ratio. But it has highly toxic pollution to soil and water resource. While BERO™ is got by microbial fermentation through high temperature, and its composition is protein enzyme.” It belongs to MEOR, and it’s only a catalyst as transforming bacteria to protein, non - toxic and pollution-free. Let’s wait and see.

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