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Although a typical primary / secondary (waterflood) oil recovery process recovers an average of around 35% of the original oil in place (OOIP), but the rest 75% remains trapped in the rock. Boosting oil recovery could unlock around 300 billion barrels of oil, according to the International Energy Agency. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques can significantly boost production from existing fields.

BERO™ technology is a proven bio-technology, starting initially in the Wyoming US and now expanding to numerous other regions of the country. Compare with Thermal intervention and Chemical EOR technology, the BERO™ is harmless to formation and it does not change any oil property or produce any derivatives. It’s a non-toxic and environmentally friendly new product and it won't affected by shearing degradation, temperature, pressure, acid, alkali, water salinity. It will not bring secondary pollution and extend the life of conventional reservoirs.

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BERO™ technology is very easy to understand and use for field engineers, by adjusting the formula, the product can be apply for different reservoirs’ characteristics and can practical with other EOR technologies; Secondly, BERO™ technology is not complicated to use, it does not require excessive equipment and will not cause corrosion to equipment, it is reliable and easy to maintain; BERO™ technology has lower costs of implementation, with fast effective reaction time and long effective lifecycle. BERO™ performs the benefits immediately and take no risk for technical and financial issues. Most important advantage about BERO™ is non-toxic and environmentally friendly modern bio-technology.

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