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BERO™ Treatment Mechanism


BERO™ (Biosurfactant Enzyme for Recovery of Oil) is a bio-enzyme with non-activity preparation and water-soluble. It utilizes modern bioengineering technologies such as genetic engineering, cell engineering and enzyme engineering and can efficiently release hydrocarbon (oil) on the surfaces of solid particles. After being injected into a oil reservoir, BERO™ biosurfactant can rapidly strip wax and asphalt crystallized and accumulated on rock particles in the area of a reservoir close to well and part of BERO™ biosurfactant adheres to rock surface to make the wettability of the rock become water-wetting, lower the flowing resistance of crude oil in formation voids, thus releasing crude oil from rock particle surface and being separated out from micropores. BERO™ entering into water can be transported to the area further than the surrounding area of sandstone formation and form new oil outlet passages in sandstone formation so as to clean and wash the oil reservoir, plugging agents removal and injection reduction of water injection well, plugging removal and stimulation, oil displacement and improving oil recovery rate.


Different from the effects of chemical and bacterial.,the reaction of BERO™ is a biological one, which can specifically facilitate a certain reaction without participating in the reaction. It directly effects on the pollutant sand won’t change the nature of crude oil, which does not change its property or produce any derivatives. Meanwhile, it can absorb on surface of the rock tightly and keep humid of rock surface. Therefore, BERO™ has high stability, congenital advantage adaptability for a long time. Theoretically, it would not be depleted.

BERO™ Treatment Process

  • Oil Displacement –EOR if applied to reservoir level
  • Reservoir Plugging removal –Production Enhancement Work
  • BERO™ facilitates contributes to a particular reaction, but do not participate in the reaction
  • BERO™ respond of high efficiency, mild conditions, low energy consumption, low pollution and easy to manage


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