The Natural Way to Boost Oil Recovery

BERO™ has strong temperature resistance and salt tolerance, good effect of blockage removal and could realize the requirement of blockage removal of different formations.

The blockage removal effect of BERO™ blockage removal technology is good through field application analysis, which proves this technology is a kind of green environmental protection technology with high technology content that does not damage formation and cause environmental pollution, and has high benefits with less investment.

As the blockage becomes more and more serious with the continuous development of oilfield, BERO™ blockage removal technology has an extremely wide application prospect.

BERO™ has high ability of releasing the hydrocarbon stored on the surface of rock particles and it will not form an emulsification with hydrocarbon.

Comparison of major EOR technologies:


Conclusion: BERO™ could increase the production of old wells with low production and production reduction, and even stop production due to the blockage, and the extent of increase of production is more remarkable than the effect of other technologies.

Its stable and strong adaptability characteristic also make it applicable to the increase of production of oil wells that have been implemented with other measures, such as fracture and acidification for many times.

Its ability in the aspect of increasing the production, reducing the sand and lowering the water content of produced liquid is also outstanding. In addition, the environmental protection effect of BERO™ is also incomparable by other technologies. It will not cause toxin, pollution and erosion to pipelines and formation after being injected into oil reservoir during construction. Although the expected effect could not be achieved due to the deviation of well selection, technical design and construction, no damage will be caused to oil well and formation.

Thus it can be seen BERO™ has strong adaptability and wide application prospect, and will bring unprecedented technological revolution to oil industry.

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