How Microorganism Changes the Petroleum Industry

Oil is closely bound up with us in modern life. One survey shows that everyone would “wear” 290 kg of petroleum, “eat”551 kg of petroleum, “live” 3790 kg of petroleum, “travel” 3838 kg of petroleum.

ZFA Technologies Inc.: Biosurfactant Enzyme to Enhance Oil Recovery

China's foreign oil dependence rises rapidly in recent years and it has been close to nearly 60% in 2014. Excessive dependence on foreign oil could bring potential risks for the energy security of our country. However, according to the International Energy Agency’s forecast, China's foreign oil dependence would reach 80% in 2040!

HAO DUAN: Ten Years’ Persistence Originated From Love

In the forum held in Shanghai on Sep.17, Hao Duan, CEO of ZFA Technologies Inc. has won bursts of applause by his speech. The topic of his speech is a little special, which is “Yan’an spirit in entrepreneurial company”. Starting his career in old revolutionary area - Yan’an, this young man has already expanded business to whole China even the world.

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