2015 Global 500 VC—Innovation Investment Forum

ZFA, as one of the representative for new-type business in MEOR, has participated in the Global 500 Enterprises VC in 2015 held in Shanghai on Sep.18, 2015. Hao Duan, our CEO has made a speech in “Innovation Investment Forum”. The topic of his speech is a little special, which is called “Yan’an spirit in entrepreneurial company”.

Starting his career in old revolutionary area - Yan’an, this young man has already expanded business to whole China even the world. “Biotechnology could provide new biological varieties or new products for human beings, which will have tremendous influence on the politics, economics, life etc, while providing beautiful future to solve the problems of resources, environment and human health etc. in the world”, Hao Duan says that he hopes to regard biology as his lifelong career, and the reason why he studies economics is also to better promote biotechnology. He has persisted in this field for nearly ten years from technology research and development in the early stage to the later product promotion. At present, he still insists on it.

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