Amazing Stimulation Effects on Well XX-05 in Sudan

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The data on the Stimulation Effect Trace Sheet of Well XX-05 sent by the Sudan client(Trust Developed Projects) recently has shown that the production has increased from the previous 69 BOPD to current 163 BOPD. Trust Developed Projects: A company is located in Suan and our close partner.

The geological condition of Well XX-05 is listed as below:

Reservoir thickness 10 m, porosity 26%, reservoir pressure 1780 Psi, sandstone reservoir, API 26. Before BERO stimulation, the fluid production was BPD198, oil production 69 BOPD and water cut 65%.

Stimulated on Mar.19, Well XX-05 has resumed production on Mar.26. At present, the daily fluid production is 272 BOPD, oil production 163 BOPD and water cut 40%. Although the input of only 1.02 Ton of BERO, significant output has shown that the well’s production has increased from 69 BOPD to the current 163 BOPD, with which the client is quite satisfied and specially celebrated for it. 


The well’s stimulation effect could maintain for a period of time and the oil production could increase further under the technical team of ZFA’s analysis. So let’s look forward to it.

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