Significant Stimulation Effect on Well B-1 of Changqing Oilfield

Latest news: On Sep.23, the daily production has increased to 14.6 bbls of Well B-1 in the Tenth Oil Production Plant of Changqing Oilfield. Compared with the daily production of 3.87bbls before treatment, the current daily production is 15.48bbls. The effect is so obvious that has aroused tremendous responses.

The Well B-1 is located in the sandstone, where the

reservoir thickness of 4m, porosity 15.35%, permeability 12.35md and shale content 8.90%. Before the stimulation, the daily fluid production was 0.84m³ with oil production 3.87bbls and water cut 24.30%.

After the preparation work including technical communication etc in the early stage, ZFA used its independently developed product BERO to do the stimulation treatment towards Well B-1 in the Tenth Oil Production Plant of Changqing Oilfield on Aug.25, and then it shut down for 5 days and re-opened on Aug.31. And it begins to produce on Sep.2, after about 10-days’ drainage period, the current daily fluid production is 3.24 m³ with the oil production of 15.48bbls and water cut 23.44%.

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