Eighth Suzhou Returned Overseas Chinese Congress

Our CEO Duan has attended the Eighth Suzhou Returned Overseas Chinese Congress on Sep.15, 2015. During the congress, the deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Suzhou Party Secretary, Shi Taifeng, emphasizes that he hopes the Federation

of Returned Overseas in Suzhou City could unite and mobilize overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese and their relatives to continue to carry forward the fine tradition of loving our country and hometown, bringing into play our strong points to entrepreneurship and innovation. Besides, we should actively promote the reunification of the motherland, friendly exchanges with the outside world to make greater contribution to the Suzhou Chapter of “Chinese Dream”.

Of course, being a member in it, we would devote ourselves to safeguard the national unity, promoting the unity of the nation, attending the Chinese modernization construction, and achieving greater development on our business during the mutual beneficial cooperation.

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