Outburst in BERO™ Treatment: Production Increases by 18 Times!!!

BERO™ treatment have been conducted towards #5EF, #4EF in HT Field separately on Feb.3, 2016 and Apr.6, 2016 by ZFA Technologies Inc.. It resumes production with obvious rise in working fluid level after shutting in for 7 days.

2 wells (#5EF、#4EF) with previous production of 1bbl oil per day, after treatment shows 120 bbls fluid and 15% oil cut after first month, which is to say, the daily oil production is 18 bbls, which is about 18 times as much as before.

With super clean water cut, the oil production keeps climbing up just like the natural way. We expect the oil production will hit 30 bbls in the next three months.

#5EF Well of HT Field: Resume Production

The Well#5EF was shut-in for 7 days after treatment with BERO™ fluid on 3-Feb, 2016. Production was resumed on 10-Feb, 2016. Static fluid level is1928 ft on 11-Feb, and 2432 ft on 12-Feb.Both sides had the well gauged daily. The gauger reports summarize daily production in total bbls for the well.

The oil production has increased from 0.5 BOPD to 3 BOPD, and still increasing now. And the produced fluid had good oil/water separation clearly.

After the treatment with BERO™, the effect is proved to be very good with lowering the oil density, degrading the wax, asphalt, resin, etc. in oil as well as enhancing the oil recovery.

#5EF Well of HT Field: Begin to Stimulate

The Company treated Well#5EF of the HT field with BERO™ biosurfactant on 3-Feb, 2016.It delivered 9 drums of BERO™ concentrate to a local pumper the previous day. The 9 drums were diluted to 2% by volume in a formation water(158 F) solution in one truck or 554 bbls total fluid. Another truck had an equivalent volume (63 bbls of produced water, no BERO™ fluid). Pumping was to be staged between the two trucks per the following: BERO™ 554 bbls of 2% BERO™ fluid in formation water, then 63 bbls of produced water only.

The HT field, which was discovered in 1983, is located south of Abilene, Texas in Taylor County, geologically situated in the eastern part of Permian Basin. The basin is the 9th largest petroleum basin in the world.

A New Contract of Test Wells

On Jan.7, 2016, Egyptian Integrated Services (EIS) has signed contracts on several test wells with our company. We wish the test wells achieve great fully success. And look forward to our further cooperation.

Thanks for trusting ZFA. And we use biotechnology to sustainably and efficiently recover billions of barrels of oil unrecoverable by traditional methods.

Egypitian Company- EIS has Come to Visit

On Jan.6, 2016, Eng. Ahmed N. EI Zeftawi, the vice president of Egyptian Integrated Services (EIS), and Eng. Mohamed Afifi, the consultant of EIS, has come to visit our company and conducted a full communication with us. And we benefit a lot through this heated discussion.

What impressed us most is that Eng. Ahmed N. EI Zeftawi and Eng. Mohamed Afifi are quite rigorous and careful when discussing the issue on well screening requirements. What commands even greater admiration is such conscientious and responsible attitude.

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