How does the BERO™ product works?

BERO™ technology can be use for Enhanced Oil Recovery, and plugging removal (wax, paraffin and asphaltene). This is how BERO™ technology works, BERO™ is bio-organic enzyme, its protein based non-living catalyst derived from special strain of microbes, it will catalyst to biological reaction, but do not participate in the reaction. So, it is not chemical product, and BERO™ can efficiently release hydrocarbon (oil) on the surfaces of solid particles.
After being injected into a well, BERO™ can rapidly strip wax and asphalt crystallized and accumulated on rock particles in the area of a reservoir close to well and part of BERO™ adheres to rock surface to make the wettability of the rock become water-wetting, lower the flowing resistance of crude oil in formation voids, thus releasing crude oil from rock particle surface and being separated out from micropores.
BERO™ molecules entering into water can be transported to the area further than the surrounding area of sandstone formation and form new oil outlet passages in sandstone formation so as to clean production well in oil reservoir, plugging removal and injection reduction of water injection well, plugging removal and stimulation, displacement and improving oil recovery rate.


Do you have any experience with high water cut oil well?

We have experiences for high water cut oil well, some up to 99.8%, average we can increase the oil production by 120%, some up to 1000%.  If you could, can you please fill out the BERO™ screening template, and send us the well's production curve, we can evaluate the well for you, to identify if its suitable for our technology, if so, and how much percentage we can increase your currently production.


Will this work on polysaccharides that may have been introduced in drilling?

No. It won't work on polysaccharides. Our BERO™ enzyme is a safe, nontoxic, pollution-free, non-flammable, non-explosive and environmentally friendly high-tech product since it directly acts on pollutants of oil reservoir and will not change the properties of crude oil and can clean oil reservoir and allow plugging removal and rejection reduction of water injection wells, oil displacement of the block and stimulation of production wells; in addition, it will not be affected by shear degradation, temperature, pressure, acid, alkali and water salinity or bring secondary pollution and new plugging to oil reservoir, can effectively prolong the development life of oilfields and has great adaptability and vast application prospect.


If pumped down an injection well to help waterflood a formation, will it be effective?

Yes, it will be effective. When used for clean treatment of reservoirs and oil displacement, BERO™ biosurfactant can effectively lower the water injection pressure of water injection well, improve water injection profile and achieve very remarkable plugging removal and injection reduction effect. Since BERO™ biosurfactant has the same density with water and is completely soluble in water, it can increase sweep area when, together with injected water, passes a water injection well and moves towards a production well and rapidly release the crude oil adhered to the rock in the way where it passes; meanwhile, part of BERO™ biosurfactant is adsorbed on rock surface to lower the interfacial tension and surface tension, changes the wettability of rock and forms new oil outlet passages in the formation to allow released crude oil to smoothly flow to the wellhead with water; moreover, emulsion formed through the biological reaction of oil, water, enzyme, enzyme-based ferment is viscous, thus affecting the original water flowing passages, forcing water flow to find more new passages and flooding more crude oil to the bottom of production well.


Storage Conditions?

As long as storage is above 0 deg C will be fine. BERO™ can work for up to 220 deg C, but not below zero deg C.


Stability of the BERO™ Product?

During one year contract, BERO™ treatment only need to be done for one time, but the treatment itself will work for up to 15 months. If the treatment is successful, we can witness the incremental of oil production in one to three month.


What is the success percentage with reference to all the types of crude oils to be produced?

If the well in a good performance, inventory in good condition, no leak in the tubing, and squeeze ALL BERO™ into the target payzone, the success ratio will be 100%. But you know, that is always something will happen in the oil fields, for our past experience, Be honestly, the success ratio its about 90%.


Is it necessary to heat up the water before mixing with the enzyme?

Yes, we do need to 50-700C hot water before mixing with the enzyme. This will help enzyme better biodegradation in the reservoir.


When we have to heat up the solution before the operation?

If the reservoir is not very deep (around 1000-1500 ft), we dont have to heat-up BERO™. Cases in China and US, because the reservoir is about 6000-9000 ft deep, and the temperature of formation water is very high, about 50-70 DegC, so, we have to heat-up the BERO™ to fast dissolve with high temperature formation water.


During the field tests, did the operator experience any problems with oil/water separation caused by the enzyme?

The BERO™ enzyme is a biological catalyst, it will not cause any problem to oil/water.


In a field application, would you pump it continuously or only a small slug or is it used for near-wellbore treatment?

During the field application, we can do both production well huff and puff, and inject thought injector for waterflooding. During production well huff and puff, usually we need to squeeze 1 ton of BERO™ can solve the plugging problem, for change wettability and interfacial tension, at basic on the information we have, and we have the calculation to back it up. For the selection wells, each well have different feet of formation, basic on this, we believe this area of the wellbore that is been damaged, and that is why the production came from, therefore, we have to put X tons of BERO™ per feet pulse the penetration. And we are going to put 10 feet of BERO™ to the reservoir, because we think the damage is less than 10 feet. Then, we pick amount of value of water push in the formation, and then we have soaking for 5 days and let BERO™ to biodegradable in the reservoir, and then start to produce. BERO™ is protein based liquid product, it’s safe, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non toxic and non hazardous, it will not damage the well.
For Waterflooding well, it is another calculation. For example,1 injection well can inject water to keep the reservoir pressure for 5 oil production well, we only need to inject BERO™ into the 1 injection well (not the 5 production well), it can help to increase total crude oil production. For this waterflooding case, we use about 40~60 tons BERO™ per injection well and the injection process will last about one month, which depends on the actual injection amount, injection rate, injection concentration and maximum injection pressure design.

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