Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Founded in 2014, ZFA Technologies Inc. is a technological innovation-based enterprise utilizing biological technology (BERO™,Biosurfactant Enzyme for Recovery of Oil) to improve energy efficiency. The Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and R&D in Nanopolis, Suzhou, which is a global leading nano industry base.

It is engaged in technological innovation for improving the recovery rate of old oilfields in the world and has a service process system integrating R&D, design, construction and management.

Our self-developed core technology for EOR—BERO™ biosurfactant is currently the world-leading product used for MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) and it is a kind of non-active enzyme preparation using microorganism as matrix. It utilizes modern bioengineering technologies such as genetic engineering, cell engineering and enzyme engineering and can efficiently release hydrocarbon (oil) on the surfaces of solid particles.



Through 8 years’ production and research update and pilot experiments including the industrial development and experiments conducted on 11 oilfields of China, about 200 low-production wells in Texas and Wyoming, USA and the like,with 90%UP success ratio, average oil recovery per well 1000 bbls, average recovery ratio with 120%, and the recovery effective lifecycle is morethan 12 months.One of the best case shows in Karamay oilfield onshore well #34166, with a 540% oil production increased, total 14,178 bbls oil recovery within 12 months. Compared with similar oil displacement technologies, the BERO™ technology of the Company has occupied the leading position in the world.

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